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MIZRACHI (UK) ISRAEL SUPPORT TRUST is located at Beit Meir, 44a Albert Road, Hendon NW4 2SJ


Code of Conduct and T&Cs for Yehudi

I understand that I will be unable to attend the Shabbaton/Event should I choose to not agree to these terms and conditions.

I agree to act within the expectations of Mizrachi UK and its ideology. This includes the below points, however this is by no means an exhaustive list and the Mizrachi UK/Yehudi staff members may add to this as they see necessary and at their complete discretion.

By signing up for the Shabbaton and Yehudi, you are committing to attend, be involved and participate fully and positively in all aspects of the Programme and group activities. Another expectation of all Participants is cooperation, particularly with, though not limited to, senior staff members. This can/or will include appearing at appointed places on time, accepting responsibilities when so assigned etc. Failure to cooperate with any and all staff members is likely to result in the Participant’s removal from the programme.

Religious Standards

Mizrachi UK/Yehudi is a Religious Zionist Orgranisation that adheres strictly to Halacha. This will include such things related to Shabbat, Kashrut and Shomer Negia. Respecting these principles is a condition of your participation on Yehudi and the Shabbaton.

Standards of dress

At all times, you should dress as appropriate for the organisation you are representing.

This includes for the males: trousers/shorts should be below the knee, tank tops or sleeveless tops are not acceptable, on Shabbat a shirt and trousers should be worn, a head covering must be worn at all times and your standard of dress should be generally in-keeping with that of a religious Jew.

This includes for females: skirts/dresses that are below the knee, no sleeveless tops, no see through clothing or anything low-cut and your standard of dress should be generally in-keeping with that of a religious Jew.

Alcohol, drugs and smoking

All alcohol (no matter the alcohol percentage), illegal drugs and smoking devices (this includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapes, or anything like this as deemed to be by Mizrachi UK/Yehudi) are strictly prohibited to use or have within your possession whilst on any programme of Mizrachi, including this Shabbaton. We reserve the right to confiscate items deemed unacceptable. Should you be found to have anything illegal in your position, a report will be made with the most appropriate law enforcement agency.

Your Environment

You are responsible for maintaining their accommodation, which must be left in exactly the same condition as it is found. Any damage resulting in costs created by you, including graffiti, other supposed artwork (even if added to graffiti that is already there) and/or incidents requiring additional cleaning, will result in a charge to you. In addition, You have an individual and collective responsibility to maintain all areas of the accommodation in which they are staying and the private transport they use. Should there be pre-existing damage in your accommodation, you should inform the Staff at the earliest possible opportunity. Should you cause wanton damage, you and/or Parent/Guardian will be liable to cover all direct and/or indirect costs incurred, and to reimburse Mizrachi UK immediately as required. In cases of reasonable doubt and where the responsible Participant(s) decline to come forward and admit their actions, the costs of any damage may be distributed amongst the relevant/all group Participants. In the event that Mizrachi UK is required to cover the cost of any such damage at the time it is caused, payment will be sought from the you and/or Parents/Guardians to reimburse Mizrachi UK’s costs.

Right to Search

Mizrachi UK hope that the need never arises, but there may be occasions where Mizrachi UK reserves the right to search a your personal possessions during the Programme if we have a reasonable suspicion that you or someone else possesses prescribed/non- prescribed medication, illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco products and/or weapons etc. If the Staff are prevented from completing a search of your personal possessions, Mizrachi UK are entitled to interpret this as an indication that such prohibited items may be in the possession, or under the control, of you. In this case you may be excluded from the Programme. In these circumstances, you and/or Parent/Guardian (if the Participant is under 18) will be liable for all costs relating to the expulsion and no refund related to the price of any programming will be given.


Mizrachi UK/Yehudi have a zero-tolerance policy towards anti-social or any negative behaviour of any kind. This includes, but not exclusively, bullying, violence, Any violations of the Code of Conduct By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to accept these consequences for any violations. Any violations of these terms and conditions will be incur the following consequences:

• You will be removed from the Yehudi programme with immediate effect;

• You will be required to repay the cost for your DBS check in full;

• You will be required to pay the balance of any subsidised costs (including the Shabbaton);

• You will, at your own expense, be required to leave the site immediately, where it is not Shabbat or any other day where regular work is prohibited.



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