Yehudi is the latest initiative of Mizrachi UK. This is a programme like no other, with such a diverse range of ages and levels with which to get involved. Yehudi has just completed its first pilot year and has been an incredible success.

The Yehudi journey starts off in year 6 once a month. The students have incredible sessions run for them in school that centres around informal education within the Mizrachi framework and building relationships with older, yet relatable role models. These sessions are run by our brilliant year 12 Madrichim. 

These year 12 Madrichim run all of these sessions and spend time getting to know the year 6 children and are some of the best future leaders of British Jewry. They spend their time planning for the sessions and getting to grips with the educational content whilst being a stellar example of how to live life as a religious Jew. Our year 12 Madrichim are trained and supported by their trusted Mentors.

The Mentors are recent graduates of Yeshiva or Seminary and have spent at least a year immersed in Torah at some of the top Torah institutions in Israel and around the world. These bright young leaders are the future of British Jewry and are ready to impart their leadership skills and Torah knowledge onto the rest of the Yehudi programme. 

The journey does not stop there! This programme continues year after year. As each participant moves to the next stage of their life, be it year 7 or Sem and Yeshiva, they continue with their Yehudi cohort! From year 7/year 13 onwards, these sessions continue, just in your community rather than the primary schools. Eventually our year 6 students will become our year 12 Madrichim and then from there, eventually our Mentors!

From year 2 onwards, the Yehudi sessions move out of the primary schools and into the communities. From this point, the years will be centred around 5 key elements:

  1. Regular sessions within the communities with a dinner provided. This keeps the relationships with their Madrichim going and provides strong and reliable mentors as well as keeping their primary school friendship groups well acquainted. 
  2. Termly Shabbatot in the community. This will include a FND, Shabbat Lunch and other exciting activities!
  3. Yearly Shabbatonim in Brighton at the Jewish Community Hub.
  4. The eventual introduction of Yehudi production plays.
  5. Exciting flagship yearly trips in and around the UK and Europe. 

As well as the regular sessions, we run a Yom Yerushalayim trip for the year 12 Madrichim and Mentors and our flagship end of year events that conclude the year and get ready to begin the next step of their Yehudi journey. There are also some exciting excursions planned for future years, as well as frequent Shabbatonim in the brand new Brighton Jewish Community Hub!



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