School Ambassador Programme

This course seeks to place education and experience about Israel and Zionism at the heart of the 6th form Jewish school curriculum. There is much concern that Jewish students today are not prepared for Campus and the Anti-Israel world they will meet once there. There is a desperate need to instill in our students at Jewish Schools a love and a pride in the State of Israel and a full understanding about the situation there.

With many pupils visiting Israel on tour after Year 11, they return hopefully inspired by the land and its people. It is therefore crucial to tap into such enthusiasm and provide Sixth Formers with a real and deep understanding of Israel, its history, culture and place in the world. For those who do not go on tour or come back with a negative or confused view of Israel it is even more important to share with them a positive, fact based education about Israel.

Such a holistic programme will empower and create a new generation of passionate and well-informed youth on the subject of Israel and its history. This will increase their pride and attachment to Zionism and Judaism and enhance their confidence when discussing Israel on university campuses and in the wider world.



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