Lilmod Ul’Lamed

“There is a huge hole in our community for female leadership, and Mizrachi UK, Bnei Akiva and the US together are filling that void with this amazing programme” ~Rachel Cooklin 2019-2020

Lilmod Ul’Lamed – The Student Bet Midrash Women’s Educator Programme, is a joint programme between Bnei Akiva UK, Mizrachi UK and The United Synagogue. It was created to introduce a skills-based educator training programme for post-seminary women, designed to further their teaching skills beyond that of being a Madricha and to plug them back into our communities as female educators, leaders and role models.

This programme introduces participants to the fundamentals of Jewish Education, gives the skills to present shiurim in a variety of manners and creates opportunities for to meet and work with top female educators; both in and out of the community.


  • 1 year in a recognised seminary (exemptions can be made for this)
  • Fall within the Hashkafic boundaries of all three organisations and the ethos of OCR.
  • Hadracha experience


  •  Continued religious learning, 1 hour per week B’Chavruta/Shiurim etc.
  • Teaching at a variety of educational opportunities:
  •  Student Bet Midrash
  •  Bnei Akiva Machane/Tribe Camp
  •  Lunch ‘n’ Learn in Schools
  •  University learning programmes
  •  Tikkun Leil in United Synagogue communities or at Bnei Akiva
  •  Learning programmes within local communities

Topics covered

  • What is education? Nature, purpose and aims of education
  •  Public speaking
  • Teaching: Inclusion, emotional intelligence and different character types
  • Female educators within the Jewish community
  • Jewish education: Strengths & weaknesses and Educating educators
  • Suggested reading list – exploring ‘Jewish’ areas beyond kodesh and their impact as teaching subjects
  • Understanding teenagers – The facts about youth in the modern world and how education has evolved to meet these challenges
  • Teaching methods
  • Preparing a shiur
  • Leading a two-way conversation: Discussion techniques and responding to challenging questions
  • Creating resource sheets and how to engage with text
  • Behavioural management
  • Project & time management
  • The past, present and future of Anglo-Jewry and How educators respond to communal needs and shaping the community’s future


The programme will conclude with a final presentation by each participant.

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This programme is endorsed by University Jewish Chaplaincy



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