Bet Limmud

A Sunday morning learning programme for young, inquisitive Jews by Mizrachi UK and LSJS.

Bet Limmud is a learning programme on a Sunday morning for boys and girls in Year 7, 8 and 9 who are eager to expand their Jewish general knowledge, improve their Jewish study skills and learn alongside other young Jews in the community.

Students will explore Tanach and Gemara in small classes with the guidance of skilled and enthusiastic teachers. The Modern Orthodox and Religious Zionist environment that Bet Limmud cultivates ensures that learning is discussed within the context of the modern world and the content is relevant to students. Additionally, students will benefit from guest speakers, educational trips, off-timetable activities and Shabbatonim.

Bet Limmud provides a special opportunity for many young people to come together to learn, share ideas, socialise and grow friendships. Apply below and be a part of this fabulous programme! For more information, please contact Ben at



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