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Rav Binny Freedman: Israel: Why Are We Here?

Rav Yamin Goldsmith: Rav Kook’s Challenge to Today’s Jewish Community

Eli Weber: Meeting God on a Mountain: Avraham, Moshe and Eliyahu

Rabbanit Pesha Fischer: Serach, Rachav and Rachel – Women as The Guarantors of Return

Rav Yamin Goldsmith: The Six-Day War: Seeing God’s Hand

Sivan Rahav Meir: The weekly Parasha, Judaism and How They are Relevant to Current Affairs and Our Lives

Rav Dr. Shlomo Brody: Does Zionism Impact Halakha? – Autopsies and The Controversy Over The Creation

Rav Binny Freedman: Yerushalayim; Why Does Hashem Deed a Place?

Rav David Katz: Social Justice and Jewish Economic Theory