Shabbaton at Home

Mizrachi UK, in partnership with The Shabbat Project hosted the UK’s third ‘Shabbaton at Home’ on Shabbat 5th – 7th November, Parashat Vayera.

Families were able to tune in live on Facebook and Youtube for a special launch event on Thursday evening, featuring Chief Rabbi Mirvis, South African Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, Her Excellency Tzipi Hotovely, World Mizrachi’s Executive Chairman Rav Doron Perez and Musician Ishay Ribo.

Participants received a pack with a schedule, activities, quizzes and divrei torah to do at home with their family over Shabbat. The pack features articles from Dayan Simons, Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein and Rabbanit Shani Taragin amongst others.
After Shabbat, as news broke of the passing of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt”l, Mizrachi UK went live again with a night of thoughts and reflective music, from Rabbi Andrew Shaw, Rabbi Marc Levene and Yuval Havkin, dedicated to Rabbi Sacks. The originally planned Great Shabbaton Quiz was postponed.

In total over 75 communities across the country participated in this Shabbaton at Home, sending the project into well over 30,000 homes.
CEO of Mizrachi, Rabbi Andrew Shaw said, “The Shabbaton brought a lot of light and joy into thousands of homes up and down the country. As we read stories and learnt ideas to inspire us during Shabbat, Rabbi Sacks provided one of those ideas. On Motzei Shabbat, instead of our quiz, all those communities across the UK remembered him.”



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