Weekend of Inspiration

Mizrachi UK, Kilos and Stenecourt invite you to join top scholars from Israel to our growing weekend of inspiration. New educators, new communities, new programmes.

3 cities across the UK will be involved with the weekend: Leeds, London and Manchester.
8 different high schools being a part of our Yom Lyun on Friday 17th.
25 top educators from Israel, coming to the UK to inspire the entire community.
50 communities will hear from one of our excellent educators over Shabbat.
7 communities hosting keynote speakers on Thursday 16th.
10 Mizrachi Shlichim will be speaking across the weekend.
26 hours of Torah will be learnt in London and Manchester on the Day of Inspiration.
250 Shiurim will be delivered over 5 days.

Further information

Thursday Launch Events
Day of Inspiration | Kinloss
Day of Inspiration | Stenecourt

May 16 @ 10:00
10:00 — 18:00 (8h)

Leeds, London, Manchester



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